Day Concept is a hotel furniture manufacturer, hotel furniture supplier and hotel concept designer in Turkey. As Day Concept we serve our clients with the slogan “Design All Your Dreams” for accommodation and furniture-based projects. Day Concept is established as an affiliate of the Hedef Shopping Malls which was founded in 1989. Since 2000 Hedef Shopping Malls  has made a name for itself with its innovative works and continues to grow in the retailing sector.  Hedef Shopping Malls has a huge range of products basically such as furniture, durable consumer goods, small electrical appliances, home textiles, sports equipment, decorative and personal accessories, curtains, carpets.

We are as Day Concept focused on the production and planning of hotel furniture and other furniture based projects. Office furniture, educational furniture, cafe&restaurant furniture, residential furniture, outdoor furniture and hospitality furniture projects. We serve to our clients both in the international and domestic market.

As Day Concept, we can cooperate with the clients’ both architects and designers to develop projects. We can work throughout the concept design and furniture design, as well as manufacturing and installation process.

As Hotel furniture manufacturer, hotel furniture supplier and hotel concept designer in Turkey, we have working experience in concept design and furniture design of international brands’ hotel furniture, office furniture, educational furniture, cafe and restaurant furniture, residential furniture, outdoor furniture and hospitality furniture projects.

We offer the most affordable costs in interior design and furniture projects to our clients. With our capacity and modern production facilities we can offer reasonable costs. Starting out with an innovative perspective and with the slogan “Design All Your Dreams“, Day Concept aims to grow and become wellknown worldwide for interior design and furniture manufacturing.

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Hotel Concept, Hotel Furniture, Interior Design

At this stage we make necessary measurement and calculations. All regarding our clients’ demand and requests with respect to quality, time and finance.

Hotel Concept, Hotel Furniture, Interior Design

Based on the detailed estimate, the design of the project will be prepared and visualized regarding to the demand and requests of the clients accordingly.

Hotel Concept, Hotel Furniture, Interior Design

Detailed project is being drawn with the products and furnitures choosen by the client. With both our production and architectural team, the details of the project are presented to the client with optimum drawings.

Hotel Concept, Hotel Furniture, Interior Design

At this point, furniture and other products is being manufactured with quality materials and experienced workmanship.

Hotel Concept, Hotel Furniture, Interior Design

As a result of right planning and a rigorous workflow, we deliver and install the products on time.

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