How to Choose Outdoor Furniture

How to choose outdoor furniture is the most important part of the outdoor concept. In areas such as gardens, terraces or balconies, outdoor furniture is used. Day Concept brings you stylish combinations with its unique designs and comfortable structures . Day concept can assit you with a combination that is both stylish and comfortable, of high quality and long-lasting that you can use in areas such as garden, terrace or balcony. You can examine the designs carefully prepared by Day Concept for you and choose the model that you think is suitable for your decoration style and tastes.

Outdoor sets;

Outdoor table sets are an indispensable part of conversations and appear as one of the determinants of our memories. Day Concept offers you different options for your table sets that add a different atmosphere to your outdoor spaces.

Day Concept offers you different fabric options and table set. You can choose in different shapes such as square, round and rectangular according to your environment. Our aim is to meet your expectations with a variety of models.  That will change the atmosphere of the environment for your guests by offering different table models suitable for the concept of each business.

In order to make the best use of open spaces in summer, garden furniture suitable for the space should be preferred. Outdoor furniture and accessories that will complement their style will create a completely different atmosphere in your open spaces. A correctly chosen combination of outdoor sofa sets adds positive energy to the environment.  It is very important that furniture designs are stylish and modern, as well as durable and robust.

Aluminum is the most durable of the materials used in the production and forming the skeleton of the outdoor furniture. Aluminum has many advatages. Not affected much by atmospheric events, has a long life, is light and resistant to abrasion.

As Day Concept we prepare excellence for you in line with these recommendations with our expert designer and production team.