How to Design Hotel Rooms

Hotels are structures that serve a wide variety of people from different cultures and with different demands. The key player of this service is the hotel room. It is important how to design hotel rooms. Hotel owner decides the target and budget for the hotel type. The hotel owner draws a road map accordingly. Afterwards, the hotel room is designed by the center with the idea of responding to the demands of its visitors. As Day Concept, hotel furniture manufacturer, hotel furniture supplier and hotel concept designer in Turkey; we offer you tips about the design process below. Let’s take a look.

1 – Color Palette

Colors are a very important factor on people’s feelings. While pastel and soft color tones affect people’s psychology positively, dark color tones can push people to pessimism. For example, if it is a hotel where couples are hosted more, color tones about love can be chosen and in a hotel where families stay with their children, colors that will support entertainment and calmness that will adapt to all family members can be chosen. As in these examples, as a result, you should make a choice in line with your customer target.

2 – Furniture

Furniture is the biggest determinant of comfort and functionality in a hotel room. In line with the determined concept, it should offer the visitor the opportunity to meet their comfort and other needs. For that reason, when choosing hotel furniture regarding the concept, a comfortable bed set, seating products that will give a pleasant feeling when sitting and wardrobes and consoles where the visitor will keep their belongings should be chosen carefully. Unnecessary details should be avoided in order to show luxury and pomp. Comfort and functionality should be prioritized.

3 – Lighting

Lighting sources should be sufficient and easily accessible. Windows should be especially considered for natural lighting. In line with the visitor’s desire to rest, it should be compatible with the curtains.

4 – Accessories

Accessories should be preferred as a complementary element to attract the attention of the visitors and for the elegance of the design. Accessories should not be exaggerated in their preferences and use and should be compatible with the design.

5 – Complementary Products

It should be chosen in harmony with the personality of the both hotel and suitable for the use of the visitor. While choosing these products, care should be taken to ensure that they are both useful and aesthetic.

As Day Concept, hotel furniture manufacturer, hotel furniture supplier and hotel concept designer in Turkey; we invite you to present excellence in line with these recommendations with our expert designer and production team.