Office concepts
Office concepts
Office concepts

Office Concepts & Office Furniture Projects

Office Furniture takes a very important place in a workplace and completely changes the atmosphere of the place. There are many features to be considered while designing our offıces where we spend more time than our homes. First of all, the physical and visual comfort of our offices will increase our sense of belonging to job. Many different office concepts can be created where visual and physical comfort are maintained. Comfortable style and adjustable/changeable products should be preferred for both comfort and work efficiency.

Office Concept;

While designing an office concept, a very simple concept consisting of a table and a chair can be preferred. Or different style combined with an armchair and coffee table can be achieved. Office furniture should be designed with useful content that does not distract while working. A good office concept should be spacious shouldn’t contain unnecessary products. in particular, a lively environment can be provided with the selected colors.

Products for office concepts;

As it is known, there are thousands of products that can be used for office furniture projects and office concepts, as office furniture, and with these products, a large number of combinations with different contents can be created. A classic model can be used by choosing only wooden products, and a more modern atmosphere can be achieved with the combination of wood and metal.

The selection of items should be made according to the shape of the office. With the corner meeting tables, coffee tables, cabinets and drawers integrated with the shape in question, a very different look can be achieved compared to another office with the same shape.

Office chair

Office chair is most needed product in working life. For many business groups, a large part of their working life is spent in offices. in other words, millions of people continue their working life in an office environment. Same number of people need an office chair because they have to work sitting down. A carefully designed office with quality products increases the productivity of the employees.

Office concept with a good design provides positive contributions in terms of corporate identity. At this point, the selection of office chairs is very important for both health and comfort. When choosing an office chair various criteria such as the comfort of the seats and their longevity should be considered.

Office sofa;

The comfort of your guests is as important as your comfort in the office environment. The office sofa hasa great place for your guests to spend time in a pleasant and comfortable way. üne of the most important office furniture in the office is the sofas. in addition to comfort, ali products used in the office concept should be in integrity. Hosting your guests visiting your office in the best possible way will also be perceived asa sign of the value you give them.The materials used in the production of office sofas should be more durable compare to sofa sets used in residences. The number of people using sofa sets in residences is generally fixed. But the same is not the case in offices. Ali the products you will choose for your office, including the sofa, will also reflect your corporate identity.

Either classic or modern the office concept will have two lines that need to be protected. Comfort of the products and the presence of fresh colors. in addition, the originality of your office furniture design will draw attention to you.